RUBINAAAAA!!!!! My savior. Thank you so much for being so on top of every small detail, it was literally the most perfect day – our parents loved you! Worth every penny having a planner, seriously. Couldn’t have done it without you.

Ron & Jasmine

My love!!!!!! I cannot thank you enough! I was blessed with an amazing sister in law that decided to call you for my big day & I couldn’t have been happier! You honestly took a lot off my shoulders and made sure every second I was comfortable, and was okay! You honestly made everything better! Love you lots & thank you again.

Sevak & Angie

Hi ladies, just want to thank you so much for all your hard work. Especially the fact that I was a hot mess and all over the place lol. Loved the fact you guys were firm and on top of everything. You guys were a huge help. Everyone that day asked me who the coordinator was and how good you were. Sipan, and I wanted to thank you from the bottom of our heart????.

Argine & Sipan
Hiiiiiii, so when I first started planning this wedding I did not think I would need a planner, but boy am I glad that I got you because last night when I couldn’t find you I would panic and say “wheres rubina”. Everything turned out beautifully, all the little details that went into planning that I never even thought about and just you dealing with everything the day of really allowed my fiance and I to enjoy the night. 
Soooooo pretty much thank you sosososososososososososososososososo much for all that you did and for helping me planning a wedding beyond my dreams!
It was a pleasure working with you and I look forward to someday working with you again.
Roselyn & Anto

Thank you Rubina, you and your team did such an amazing job making our special day run so smoothly, everything was executed to perfection. Not only are you so professional, you were so caring and fun to work with. Thank you again, without you we would be running around like chickens with their heads cut off.

Karina & Luis

Rubina is so excellent to work with. She made the planning process run very smoothly with her professionalism and genuine caring. I highly recommend booking Memorable Moments for your wedding planning needs. They definitely can help create a beautiful and classy experience for you and all your guests.

Narges & Danny

Hi Hun! Thank you so so much for all your help. You’re so amazing at what you do and we wouldn’t have done anything without you. You knew how to make our night a special one and you deserve the best.

Rubina thank you sooooooo much for everything, for maintaining your cool during the first stressful portion of our wedding with the program change and all, I would gladly refer you to any one of my soon to be groom friends for any and all of their wedding planning needs, once again thank you so much and our wedding wouldn’t have been close to as nice had you not been there to help and coordinate 🙂

Nadia & Mohsen

Rubina my love
I wanted to say thank you for everything you’ve helped with. You were amazing and great and so helpful yesterday. Thank you again!!

Dania & Yehya

Thanks so much for the well wishes! And thanks a million times for all your help yesterday, especially for calming me down when I was freaking out haha. I’m giving you the most amazing Yelp review and recommending you to everyone I know! Worth every penny!

Elizabeth & Danny

I’ve been meaning to write this forever, and I’m finally getting to it. I used to question whether or not someone really needs a wedding planner – when you know what you want, it shouldn’t be that hard, right? Wrong! Planning an outdoor wedding where everything has to be brought in because nothing is provided calls for extensive planning. I went with the full planning package because I didn’t want to have to worry about the details, even though I had narrowed certain things down myself such as the venue. Memorable Moments helped in so many ways – recommending and taking me to vendors they know and trust, answering any questions I had, helping me narrow down options, getting me deals on vendors such as video because of their relationship and saving me money when it came to rentals by letting me know what is really needed and how much because of their experience, and the list goes on and on.

When our wedding day came, I didn’t have to worry about a single thing. We got married at Hummingbird Nest Ranch, and they made sure everything was set up to my expectations and the vision I had, without any issues. If there were any, I surely didn’t hear about it. They even had an emergency kit for the bride that came in handy when we needed to make a small stitch in my dress.

I’m so glad I hired them to help me plan our magical day, and I wouldn’t hesitate using them again in the future for other events if need be. If you’re questioning whether or not to hire a planner, I would say go for it, and choose the package that best fits your means – whether it be full coordination, partial, or even hourly. Having the peace of mind the day of the wedding alone was all worth it.

Thank you Memorable Moments!

Shakeh & Khachik

I didn’t set out to have a wedding planner or coordinator. I had already looked at venues, booked the perfect place, decided on a photographer, bought my dress and finalized every other detail. I was an organized, creative, DIY, and perfectionist bride. I thought I could do everything by myself, and I did for the most part…but I soon realized that I needed someone to make sure all my plans would fall into place and everything would be perfect. I needed to find someone that I could trust and someone that understood my vision. After attending a bridal event, I found Memorable Moments and I immediately fell in love with their passion for wedding planning and coordination. I knew from the start that they would not disappoint. I hired them for month-of-coordination, but they went above and beyond of what was expected. I thought I had all my points covered from A-Z with my wedding timeline, but they proved to be the true professionals as they helped me with wedding essentials I over-looked. Memorable Moments organized everything to the finest detail and made the rest of the planning part fun and stress-free! I was able to fully enjoy my wedding day without having to worry about a thing. They were professional, friendly, and helpful. Everything went according to plan and nothing went wrong. I’ll never be able to thank them enough for all of their help.

Genevieve & Victor

Memorable Moments are the most amazing wedding coordinators. Prior to the wedding, I suggested to my daughter that there would be someone at the church keeping track of what comes next, and someone at the reception site as well. I thought she was wasting money. On the wedding day, my only thought was to make things perfect for her. I had NO idea what that entailed. That was the day I met Memorable Moments. They were amazing. They knew and understood every detail of what our daughter had in mind. They kept every detail together and everything on time. What I most appreciated was that I could go to them instead of my daughter if there was a problem. They repaired torn groom’s tux, a terrible zipper failure on our daughter’s dress. I could go to them for anything, and they followed through on EVERYTHING. They took every concern and handled it professionally. I would recommend them to EVERY bride and groom.

Ginny Hazboun

I was a lucky bride to have found the ladies at memorable moments to help with my wedding planning. I decided to go with the day of wedding package, but I will definitely say the ladies were there for me before during and even after (with a cute little surprise once we got to our suite at the hotel after the wedding). I felt comfortable and at ease all throughout my wedding day knowing they had everything under control. My wedding had 500+ guests and everything ran smoothly and on time. I even had a minor tear in my dress and the girls had a sewing kit ready and patched it up. Thank you ladies for being so awesome!

Ani & Zareh

Memorable Moments were my day-of-wedding coordinators. I had done the wedding planning myself, but I wanted to have someone there on the actual wedding day to make sure everything ran smoothly. During my search, I was happy to find that Memorable Moments provided that option, and that they were flexible in including services I wanted and removing services I did not need. They were both were professional, sweet, and organized. I would definitely recommend them for any bride. It’s great to have them there on your wedding day, to take care of any problems that come up, so that you (the bride) can focus on enjoying your special day.

Flora & Andrew

Memorable Moments was amazing to work with when we planned our wedding. I couldn’t have gone through the wedding planning and the day of without these girls. They truly know the industry and had intelligent advice and planning tactics. Our wedding day was truly memorable and the professionalism our coordinators had, put us and our families at ease. I truly enjoyed my wedding day and never once thought about something that needed to be take care of, these girls went above and beyond and gave us an organized and magical day. I highly recommend memorable moments for all your occasions.

Armine & Armin

Thank you so much for everything that you have done for Armine and Armine’s wedding! It is your passion and love towards your work which makes you different from the others. Memorable Moments is the best deserved name for your business since you add more memorable moments to your customers with the best way possible. I am so happy that I have met you.

Red Point Studio

Thank you so very much for making our wedding day, truly what we had wanted it to be. Everything went smoothly and even when I was stressed because we were late, you two kept me calm and did what needed to be done. Thank you!!!! YOU SUPPORT SO MANY BRIDES ON THEIR HAPPY DAYS, I am sure your other brides will say the same. When I get back you will get the proper thank you deserve!

Arda and Raffi

Memorable Moments, I don’t know where to start but you guys were so incredible! You made everything so stress free and so perfect! They were fantastic and always so put together and on top of things! Memorable Moments truly made our wedding a success! Xoxo!!!

Arlet and Shara

Just wanted to thank you both for your hard work on my wedding!!! You girls were such a big help and so great! I hope I didn’t stress you out too much or make it hard for you guys!  I really appreciate your help!  Thank you, thank you!

Seda & Gary

If every Armenian bride hires a planner, my job would be super easy LOL. I can focus on capturing the beautiful moments of their wedding day. I wish I can have every bride understand the importance of having a planner. They always realize it after the wedding when it’s too late. It truly is an affordable luxury!

Duke Photography

Words can’t begin to describe how much Sam and I appreciate everything you girls have done for us to make our wedding day very memorable and amazing. We greatly appreciate your patience, your willingness to attend to every detail and your exceptional ideas to make our special day that much more special. From the beginning to the end, you girls have made this journey stress free and smooth. We are pleased to have worked with you girls. Thank you again for helping us make our special day unforgettable.

Mary and Sam

Thank you Memorable Moments. Your undivided dedication to Sam and Mary’s beautiful wedding was a phenomenal help!!! Your keen sense of following the Armenian traditions in executing this wedding was exceptional. It certainly made my job easier. I was able to focus on creating beautiful floral designs while you ladies handled all the other details. The bride picked a great wedding planning team!

Avant Garden

Memorable Moments were excellent!! I originally thought that a wedding planner was probably unnecessary. However, my experience with them has changed my mind. With trying to plan a wedding in 2 weeks and studying for the board, I don’t know what I would have done without them. From the beginning, I already knew I had nothing to worry about and that my wedding would turn out amazing. And IT DID!! Everything was perfectly done as I wanted. All I had to do is just tell them my style and they did it all. I’m so happy and glad that I chose them. Their ideas were beautiful, classy, creative, organized and VERY budget-friendly. They always quickly responded to my questions and coordinated with all the vendors. My wedding was FLAWLESS and stress free… all because of these two ladies. They were professional and a pleasure to work with. I would HIGHLY recommend them to any bride!!!

Lilit & Jack