To Have or Not to Have Bridesmaids?

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Lately, I have been hearing different views on whether or not a bride should have bridesmaids. Here is my take on it: it all depends on the bride’s personality, vision, and budget. Some brides want their close friends and family not just involved with the wedding but also with them throughout their big day. They also just love the LOOK of a bridal party and want to incorporate their wedding colors in the bridesmaids’ attire.

There are however, more and more brides that think it is unnecessary and choose not to have a bridal party. Having large groups especially can be costly for the bride-to-be if she is planning on footing the bill for the bridesmaids’ dresses. Having a bridal party can put pressure on your timeline for the big day, as well. It can be time consuming when photographing the bridal party, especially if you have more than three couples. Then of course, you also have to worry about getting the bridesmaids bouquets, not to mention boutonnieres for the groomsmen. For some brides, however, this is all worth it, and they work for this vision for their wedding day.

Writing from personal experience, I remember I had to scratch my head for this one when I was getting married. My fiancé and I had a great group of friends and family that we wanted to take part in our special day. For me the dilemma was that I just didn’t like the thought of my friends wearing the exact same outfit and looking the same on my wedding day, especially because they all have such different styles and personalities that I wanted them to stand out, to be different and comfortable at the same time. The solution was simple: they all came in the limousine with us all day, but they each had their own outfit and style. I think it worked out pretty well, because I had the privilege of having them with me to share in my memorable moments, and they all looked very fabulous and unique in their own special way. It was, for me, the perfect decision. Besides, who wants to coordinate with six different women on their preferences and style……I know I didn’t!

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